Be my Valentine? The way to my heart.

Okay, so for Valentine’s Day I give you this t-shirt from Cafe Press.

I think that Thrifty Gal might have won in the Valentine’s Day card suggestions competition. This card  from Missus de Paperie on Etsy is inspired. I wish I’d found it! If someone bought this for me, I may just melt a little – I realise this makes me weird.

And really, there’s a valentine featuring Castiel?

To be fair though, should anyone buy me that then I would be less interested in the valentine and far more interested in Cas… Best case scenario I suppose is that Cas is my valentine. Wait, I’m rambling aren’t I?


Happy Hallowe’en!

Okay, in my mental list of things to do on Hallowe’en, I’d probably include:

1. Watch a scary movie
2. Dress up as a spellbook*
3. Carve a a scary face into a pumpkin (or more traditionally up in the North East – a turnip – but boy do they stink when a lit candle is inside them)
4. Ignore trick or treaters by blacking out the glass in the door to look like I’m not in

The one thing that I hadn’t ever considered was doing a spin cycling class to Hallowe’en-themed music.



I just spent lunchtime spinning away  to ‘The Little Shop of Horrors’, ‘Monster’, ‘Superstitious’ and wait for it…. ‘Ghostbusters!’. Surreal. We had already passed a pensioner dressed as Dracula on the way to the class, to which my spin colleague commented “you can see that too, right?” (incidentally Dracula was co-ordinating the lunchtime tea dance).

We concluded the spin class with a jumps/bob and weave combo to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ which made looking in the mirror a disturbing experience. A bunch of slightly sweaty, dishevelled and fierce looking cyclists lurching from side to side was like a scene from The Walking Dead, but without the blood.

The reason for the Vincent Price image below? Oh, aside from him being one of the most amazing/hilarious horror actors I have witnessed, I felt I should give him the credit he deserves for the spoken part in ‘Thriller’. The spin instructor referred to him as ‘that man’ – ignorant or what?

Apologies Vincent Price (May 27, 1911 – October 25, 1993) on her behalf.

*Honest, been there, done that, got the cardboard box, painted red with opening front ‘cover’, filled with spells on slightly charred paper to prove it…I’d like to say I was a kid but in reality was mid twenties and old enough to know better.

Annoying Americanisms

The BBC just published this piece on Americanisms: your 50 most noted examples.  How many are you guilty of?

My pet hate is Number 1: “Can I get....” and I know people who say that.

One of my friends, “Real Ale Alan”, takes issue with Number 45.

I am guilty of saying ‘season’ for ‘series’ (Number 44).

I have already blogged on Number 25: Normalcy (and what a great excuse to go and look at some pictures of SamnDean).

I might be missing something with Number 22 and his problem with ‘train station’*, if so… My bad!

*self-edit – My bad indeed…. it should be railway station of course, what a terrible crime against language 🙂