I am a polite notice and I’ll thank you if I want to

Part four in the signage at work series…
Not satisfied with filling the social room with quite frankly bonkers signage, there have been a number of signs added to our toilets too. 
This one is my favourite. It is a polite notice. Look how pleasant it is. It’s basically telling us how unpleasant we all are. I have yet to witness anything that may have prompted this sign. Well, unless you count coat hangers on the back of the toilet door. I don’t expect to find them in my facilities at home…

This second one is to promote stress awareness. If only they knew how stressed this signage makes me. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

And breathe…

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What’s this? What’s this? It’s something guaranteed to annoy me

It’s getting a bit embarrassing now. 
Colleagues race over to my desk exclaiming “have you seen it, there’s another one?”
From their crazed expressions of incredulity, I’m expecting that we’ve a view of two suns above Northumberland Street (though let’s face it, one has been quite rare this summer), or that maybe someone has quickly knocked up a replica of the Tyne Bridge. 
No. Nothing so exciting. 
Invariably, it’s another sign in the Social Room.
Exhibit one – slightly crumpled signage. Probably got a bit damp from kitchen moisture

Exhibit two – borrow books from under this badly laid out sign

Exhibit three – curling at the edges small sign

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Breaking news…Australian illness discovered: teaspoons have walkabout

Part two in the ‘signs in my office series’ (part one covers the health and safety angle: Hot Water is Hot!), these signs have been annoted with actual handwriting…

Obviously the first one is missing a ‘been’, but it’s that chirpy ‘Thanks‘ really annoys me.I should be grateful that the Alot creature didn’t make an appearance here.

This second one has a sentence in smaller text that says ‘Otherwise the alarm sounds in the Security Office, which makes them very unhappy’. Just in case you weren’t clear, that’s VERY! unhappy.

Hey you, idiot – hot water is hot you know!

I understand that signs can be useful. I really do.

Telling you room numbers or names – helpful when you’re trying to navigate a strange building. Telling you that something is out of order – helpful so you don’t make a fool of yourself trying to get tickets out of a broken machine.

But there’s a line. And it’s been crossed at my workplace. Many, many times.

On an almost weekly basis new signs appear in the office. Entering the social room is like walking into a toddler’s birthday party – incessant and annoying babble hits you from every angle. Don’t do this, do that, warning: the hot water is hot (seriously).

My overwhelming annoyance with it all is further compounded by the fact that it’s all done in different fonts, text sizes and various stages of lamination. There are also annotations to the signs, done in biro or marker, shudder.

There are a number of signs around so I will have to split them over a couple of blog posts. 

Say what you mean

We received an e-mail today about some building work going on around our offices.

“This is to accommodate the fixing of the manifestation to the glass at the front of reception on level one.”

I can’t wait to see what demonic materialisation might be affixed to our windows.
Maybe SamnDeannCas will show up?